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Let's Get Acquainted


Let's Get Acquainted

When people (in any country) are invited to formal or informal get-togethers, they usually try to make others feel relaxed and comfortable. On the whole, they tend to be outgoing and informal. So, they should get acquainted..
Men usually shake hands, but only when they're introduced. Women usually don't shake hands when being introduced to each other. When a woman and a man are introduced, shaking hands is up to the woman. If she wants, they can do it. Americans rarely shake hands to say good-bye, only if they are on business occasions.
Handshaking is rather rare in the UK. When friends meet in England they only touch their hats. They don't shake hands when they stop to talk.
At parties, interviews and other formal and informal situations you meet unknown people and have to introduce yourself to them, or they introduce themselves to you. You also have to introduce people you already know to one another.
There are some rules of introduction. They are useful to remember:
  • men are introduced to women;
  • young people to older ones;
  • old friends to newcomers;
  • a young girl to a married woman;
  • women are never presented to a man.

Get acquainted - познакомиться
get-togethers – тусовки, неофициальные вечеринки
invite -приглашать
On the whole — в общем, в целом
be outgoing — быть общительным, компанейским
Handshaking - рукопожатие
rare - редкий
rarely - редко
introduce smb to smb- представить кого-то кому-то, познакомить
newcomers — вновь прибывшие
up to – на усмотрение

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